Promoting Harmony and Understanding

Through Information, Education,

Communication, Cooperation and Inter-action

We Believe That The Real

Job Creators

Are The Small, Family Owned Businesses

All Over The World

Our background is in business marketing, advertising,

pubic relations, liberal political strategies

and media creations.

We do business marketing and consulting

for small to medium sized businesses and media creations

through our digital media branch:

White Lotus Digital Media.

Many people have the will and the money to start businesses

but lack knowledge, ideas or a plan to move forward.

Getting into business is not an option for many

who cannot afford to put up large amounts of capital

for average startup costs, or pay high franchise fees

to corporate giants.

We offer business plans that are designed to be

small and easy for the average person

to launch a locally oriented,

self-sustaining, high demand business

for the least amount of financial investments.

We also develop business plans and marketing techniques

and offer them to potential or current entrepreneurs

for a nominal fee.

We also offer consultation to current struggling businesses.

Our prices are VERY competitive and suitable for startups.

Our goal is to help grow businesses

for regular people

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more

to the abundance of those who have much;

it is whether we provide enough

for those who have too little."

~~~Franklin D. Roosevelt